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 Low angle photograph closeup of man with boots walking through landscape carrying tripod. From knees down. Mo

John Santoni is an Orange County, California based photographer who has worked for over twenty years with graphic designers, art directors, and marketers to help businesses realize visions and build brands. Clients have included Hoag Hospital, The Irvine Company, and John Wayne Airport. 

In school, classic disciplines were adopted while learning from instructors who themselves were students of Golden Decade photographers from Ansel Adams’ California School of Fine Arts Photography School, and who had a predilection for using art to inspire environmental awareness.

Current photographic work is an exploration of the idea of Earth’s desire to recover and reclaim itself from man’s exploits of the 20th century. I search for and repeatedly visit isolated, neglected locations of profound silence to witness the indifferent activity of the elements that bring constant change to the Earth’s surface. Camera technique and digital manipulation of images further the feeling that the viewer is watching moments from Earth’s dreams.

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